Sharon’s teaching focuses on facilitating the process of learning through critical engagement of theoretical texts and empirical studies, self-reflection, dialogue, and fieldwork. She uses a variety of participatory teaching methods to help students understand and analyze the material thoroughly. She also brings comparative and global perspectives to her classes and explains sociological concepts using cases that are accessible and culturally resonant. Lastly, she is an advocate of using technology like social media and podcasts to foster meaningful student-centered learning.

Debates in Sharon’s Introduction to Sociology course at Grinnell College.

Below are some of the courses she has taught independently and assisted and what students think of her teaching. Please contact her for a copy of her syllabi or for more information about these courses.


Grinnell College

  • Introduction to Sociology (Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 [scheduled])
  • Methods of Empirical Investigation (Spring 2017 [scheduled])
  • Sociology of Asian America (Spring 2017 [scheduled, cross-listed with American Studies])

University of Pittsburgh

  • Social Research Methods (Spring 2013 and Spring 2015)

“She used great pop culture examples and made some pretty dry material fun to learn. She was always prepared for class and knew her lectures very well. She gave lots of chances for her students to do well with in-class exercises and assignments over the course of the semester to keep us on track for our paper. She was also available and willing to help answer any questions she could. She wanted us all to do well and was there to help if you were willing to put your time and effort into her class.”

“She gave a reasonable amount of assignments, has a wide range of knowledge about research, worked hard to incorporate students’ varying fields/interests into her examples.”

  • Societies (Summer 2013)

“Sharon is very passionate about the subject and is knowledgeable. She tries to be fair and is very sweet and approachable. She presented arguments and claims with backed reasoning. Also, clear examples and personal experience/stories to enhance the topics we’ve covered. The class is very fun and Sharon makes learning active and engages all of us to participate and share our opinion.”

“I like the idea of not having a midterm to test our knowledge on memorization but rather doing research in current/real life events to apply the concepts we’ve covered. I find it most beneficial that I will  pursue the topic of societies and migration in graduate school. I think this class is a good foundation.”

  • Peace Movements and Peace Education (Fall 2012)

“Sharon was extremely approachable, provided excellent feedback to her students about how to improve, and was also extremely encouraging when student’s work was good. Her class was extremely straightforward, informative, interesting, fair, and thought provoking.”

“She maintained a good learning environment and made lecture more of a class discussion. Learning about peace movements and organization in a detailed and solid way helped me hone in on my desire to major in sociology.”


  • Societies, University of Pittsburgh, Fall 2014
  • Introduction to Sociology, University of Pittsburgh, Fall 2009 and Spring 2010
  • Statistics in the Social Sciences, University of California, Irvine, Spring 2009

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